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Keoladeo National Park Attractions

The capital attractions for tourists visiting the Keoladeo Ghana Park are the afoot birds, which appear from as far abroad as Siberia and Central Asia to absorb their winters in Bharatpur, afore abiding aback to their ancestry grounds. Some of the afoot birds that appointment Keoladeo /Bharatpur bird altar cover several breed of Cranes, Hawks, Pelicans, Geese, Shanks, Ducks, Eagles, Warblers, Stints, Wagtails, Buntings, Wheatears, Flycatchers, Larks, Pipits etc. Besides the afoot and citizen birds,
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added day-tripper attractions in Keoladeo Ghana bird altar cover the Bharatpur government Museum, Lohagarh Fort and Deeg Palace.
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